Photos from the SEARCC International Schools Software Competition

November 18-20, 2004, Chennai, India

I've gathered here a few photos from my trip representing Australia at the ISSC in 2004. I'll do my best to split them up into days, and caption them

Wednesday 17

This is the team outside Customs at Sydney Airport. From Left to Right: Theo Julienne, Andrew Kruup, Chris Neugebauer, Dave Roberts (Team Manager), Chris Ebneter, Alex Davies, Jet Holloway. We were running very late (the Queenslanders' flight was delayed), and only had 30 minutes left to get to our flight.

Thursday 18

We spent Thursday Sightseeing. We spent the first half in Hindu Temples around the University where the competition was taking place. However, due to the unforseen event of all of our cameras breaking down instantaneously, there is no record of that. We met the New Zealand team, who we ended up spending most of the competition with, and then went on a Bus Tour.

That's the back of my head, with a large gathering hall in front of me.

We were told we were going to see a "model chariot", however, due to the language barrier, it wasn't communicated how big this model chariot was. (For an idea of scale, note that the dome on the previous photo is the top of the chariot)

Alex, Jet, Myself and Chris Ebneter, on the roof of the hall in front of the carraige (it was about 28 degrees, without a cloud in the sky: that's why we're squinting))

Same group of people in the middle, now joined by the New Zealanders - Josh and Kieran on the left, and Anton on the right

Myself, Jet and Anton on the Marina Beach, looking out onto the Bay of Bengal. It was here we found the only Coke of our trip. The Marina Beach is the 2nd-Longest Beach in the World. In the two years leading up to when we visited, it had been cleaned up from a murky muck to the lovely place you see there. Unfortunately, a lot of it was washed away by the Boxing Day Tsunami, one month after we left

We were on the beach, when a random street vendor walked up to us, and asked if we wanted to buy a returning spinny thing, for 100 Rupees (approx 3 dollars AU). The New Zealanders, who had been there a few days before us, haggled the price down to 35, and then declined to buy it. The New Zealander's Manager eventually bought one.

Friday 19

On Thursday was the trial competition. Overall, it was a shocking day for my team - we cam dead-last, with a score of less than 100. But otherwise, a great day. Here's some pictures from there.

Saturday 20

Jet, Myself and the New Zealanders in the competition room after the actual proceedings. We came 4th, they cam 5th.

The Conference Room was where we spent most of our free time on campus. We played card games introduced by Kieran of the New Zealand team practically non-stop. Great Fun.

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