Notes to help the reader

1. The extracts in this compilation are taken from Osho's books. These books were not written by Osho, but are verbatim transcripts of his discourses; darshans (intimate talks with disciples), interviews with disciples, visitors, and journalists; letters written by Osho; and personal talks which Osho gave. The books are published over a period of thirty years, and many are translations from Hindi books.

2. Because of their diversity of origin, the style of consecutive extracts may vary.

3. Since Osho's words are recorded only since the early 1960's, the earlier part of his life is told in retrospect. After 1960, extracts are more immediate: what Osho says at the time of certain events; his teachings as he develops them; his guidance on meditation as it is given.

4. Osho tells thousands of stories about himself. The selection in this compilation is based on those stories which he most often repeats.

5. Osho's stories were told, not just to entertain, but to illustrate a point, which is also included where possible.

6. Osho requested that his words not be edited, so there is some unavoidable repetition in extracts; especially where Osho talks in one discourse about several periods in his life.

7. Osho explains that he uses very simple everyday language that everyone can understand. And wherever he uses terminology which may be unfamiliar, he explains it. A glossary is given for words which are not self-evident from the first context in which they appear.

8. Notes are given to help the reader. These are kept to a minimum and are of three kinds: Notes in the text introduce dates and events; footnotes at the bottom of page explain part of the text; notes at the end of the book are additional information. These are mostly in the present tense, as Osho requested.

9. During his life, Osho was known by several names: Raja, as a child; then Rajneesh; Acharya Rajneesh in the 1960's; Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh from 1971; from December 1988 there are four name changes; and from September 1989, he is known simply as 'Osho'. He requested that his name be changed to Osho in all new editions of his books. In this compilation the name Osho is given throughout, except for specific public references to earlier names.



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