PART I Osho's Past Lives

                    PART II 1931-1939 Kuchwada

Osho’s parents’ marriage

Unusual events while Osho is in his mother’s womb

1931 Osho is born in the village of Kuchwada

Osho’s grandparents, Nani and Nana

The family servant, Bhoora

Osho argues with Nana's guru

1939 Death of Osho’s grandfather, Nana

                     PART III 1939-1951 Gadarwara

1939 Osho settles in Gadarwara with Nani, and his parents

Osho’s paternal grandfather, Baba

Osho and his father

Swimming in the river, and early spiritual experiences

Osho’s first day at school, and Shambhu Dube

Osho’s early love of Books

Osho’s early experiences with orthodox religions

Village entertainment

Other villagers

Osho meets Mahatma Gandhi

Influence of the mystic, Magga Baba

Influence of mystics, Pagal Baba and Masto

Osho's interest in death

1947 Indian Independence

1948 Assassination of Mahatma Gandhi

Osho’s early experiences as story-teller and public speaker

Osho’s growing library

1948 High School

1951 Osho leaves school, and decides to study philosophy

                    PART IV 1951-1957 University Student

1951 Osho moves to Jabalpur

Osho confronts his professors

Osho’s experiences as a Journalist

Osho meets Poets and Musicians

Influence of the mystic, Masto, continues

Osho’sExperiences Leading to Enlightenment

1953 Osho’s enlightenment

Osho describes Enlightenment

Osho after his enlightenment

Osho’s library grows

Osho bluffs his way into D.N. Jain College

Osho is invited to Sagar University for his MA, and is aided by vice chancellor, Dr Tripathi

Osho excels in Public speaking

Dr. Harisingh Gaur, the founder of Sagar University

Osho’s professor, Dr. S.S. Roy

Osho’s professor, Dr. S.K. Saxena

Other professors

Fellow Students

1957 Osho’s final examinations, and the gold medal



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