PART VI 1970-1974 Bombay

1970 Osho moves to CCI Chambers, Bombay

Osho begins Sannyas Initiations

Osho’s Neo-Sannyas International Movement

Death of Nani, Osho’s grandmother

Osho’s discourse series: Geeta Darshan

Osho moves to Woodlands Apartment

Osho initiates Vivek, his long time attendant

Old and new friends

Osho's writing and Mulla Nasruddin

Osho's Library

1971 Osho takes the controversial name Bhagwan

Kirtan Mandali

Early search for a New Commune

Osho continues to lead Meditation Camps

Dynamic Meditation

Kirtan: devotional dance and song

Laughing Meditation

Tratak Meditation

Gibberish Meditation

Response to Meditations

Osho’s Discourses

Osho’s Shaktipat Experiments

1972 Osho’s discourse series: Vigyan Bhairava Tantra

1973 Yoga: The Alpha and the Omega

Osho answers Questions:

Questions about Meditation and Enlightenment

Questions about Religion

Questions about Esoterica

People's problems


Osho makes Predictions

1974 Osho Leaves Bombay for Poona



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