PART VII 1974-1981 Poona

Osho goes into seclusion

Osho’s garden

Osho’s Discourses: My Way: The Way of the White Clouds

Whirling Meditation

The New Phase of Osho's Work

Discourse Series on Many Masters

Osho creates New Meditations:

Kundalini Meditation

Nataraj Meditation

Nadabrahma Meditation

Gourishankar Meditation

Vipassana Meditation

Devavani Meditation

Mandala Meditation

Music for Meditation

Darshans: intimate talks between Osho and his disciples

About Sannyas

Personal Meditations

About Meditation

About Astral Projection

About Problems

Relationship and Sex

About Babies

About Children

Conflict with Family

Osho checks energy

Leaving Darshans

Sharing Osho's Vision

Development of the Ashram

Discourses: Hsin Hsin Ming, Nasruddin, Heraclitus, Tilopa

1975 Therapy and the Psychology of the Buddhas

Osho guides group leaders

Osho advises group participants

Controversy about Sex & Violence in Therapy

Osho initiates His Father into Sannyas

Osho's Reading

Hassids and Jews

Group Activities in the ashram

Music Group



1976 New Death Celebration

Discourses: Zen

Glimpses of Osho's Personal Life

Vivek, Osho’s attendant

Old and New Friends

1976 Ashram Expansion

Reactions to Osho and his ashram

Discourses bauls, Ashtevakra, Kabir, Saraha

1977 Osho develops the New Phase of His Work

Discourses: Sufis

The New Commune in Kutch, Gujarat

Education in the New Commune

Gautam Buddha's Prophesy and the Buddhafield

1978 Zorba the Buddha

The New Man

Discourses: The Secret of the Golden Flower

Persecution by Morarji Desai

Osho in the World Press

Rich Man's Guru Accusation

Osho comments on the Jonestown Massacre

Discourses: Hakim Sanai, Pythagoras

1979 New Phase in Osho’s work: Energy Darshans

Silence and the Dhammapada

New Phase: Osho Criticizes the Masters

Public Relations

New Phase of Osho’s work: Mystery School

Sannyasins are Friends not Followers

Death of Osho's Father, and his Mahaparanirvana

Discourses: Bodhidharma

Osho’s First Rolls Royce

Osho blesses Indira Gandhi

Osho’s Jokes

Ethnic Jokes

People are shocked at Osho's Jokes

1980 Attempted Assassination of Osho by Hindu fanatic

Ashram Security Increases

Local Violence against Sannyasins

Persecution of Osho

Discourses: The Classic of Purity, About Enlightenment, Desiderata

New Phase: Osho Speaks His Own Truth

Osho exposes Mother Teresa

Religious Hostility

Osho advises sannyasins on responding to negativity

Osho's Books

1981 Death of Vimalkirti (Prince Welf), and his Mahaparanirvana

World Expansion of Osho’s work

Osho will go into Silence

Osho's Last Words before going into Silence

The Ultimate Stage: Silence

Silent Satsangs with Osho

Osho flies to America for Medical Treatment

Rumours about Osho



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