PART X 1987-1990 Poona-Two

Policemen serve an Order to Leave

The Police Commissioner's conditions

Support from the Mayor of Poona

American and Indian government persecution against Osho and sannyasins

Osho's Garden

The miracle of Osho’s discourses

Discourses: The silences

Discourses: intimate and personal

Osho is ill

Growth of Osho’s new commune

Osho advises sannyasins on living in the world

Russian Sannyasins, and Osho’s prediction on Gorbachov

Osho’s Books; bad and good publicity

Memorable discourses

Death of Swami Maitreya, and his Mahaparanirvana

Osho is ill again, and nearly dies

Was Osho poisoned by the US government?

Investigation of American persecution

Discourses: the Mantra Series

Buddha Hall roof and mosquito net

Osho’s personal life, and friends

Osho is ill; he receives and comments on therapeutic bodywork

Osho undergoes extensive dental work

1988 World Academy of Science for Creativity

AIDS-Negative certificates required to enter the ashram

Osho talks about Music

The Mystic Rose

Osho and a Hitler salute

Let-go Meditation at the end of discourse and the Yaa-Hoo! Mantra salute

Disturbances cause Osho to leave discourse

The revolutionary new Mystic Rose Meditation

Live Zen and drumbeat

Gibberish and Meditation at the end of discourse

Discourses on Zen

Osho teases Niskriya stonehead

This. This. A Thousand Times This

Silence, bamboos, and cuckoos


Meditation at end of discourse

Sunglasses and the US presidential elections

Osho's teases: Sardarji



Osho inaugurates a Museum of Toy Gods

Ma Tzu, and the great matter about Anando and Maneesha’s jealousy

Osho brings gifts: Zen sticks, Buddha statues, and swans

Coleman Barks and sufism

The Book of 300 Mystics

Osho is ill

Osho is recognised as Maitreya Buddha, and changes his name

Long discourses: Osho emphasises urgency; he has not long to live

Osho mentions his private life

Controversy with: Buddhists






Positive response to Osho around the world

Osho's Artwork

1989 Osho’s discourses: God is Dead: Now Zen is the Only Living Truth

I Celebrate myself: God is No where, Life is Now Here

The Zen Manifesto: Freedom from Oneself

Name change to Osho Rajneesh

Osho’s last discourse series: The Zen Manifesto

About reincarnation

Osho gives advice about the Commune

Osho emphasizes Zen and meditation

Last discourse

Last meditation at the end of discourse

Notes about Osho until he leaves his body 19 Jan 1990



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