The book source is given at the end of each text extract, eg. glimps05: glimps is the shortened name for the book Glimpses of a Golden Childhood; 05 refers to the chapter number: Chapter 5. Where three digits are given, the first refers to the volume number, eg. tvis109 is The Tantra Vision, Volume 1, Chapter 9.

All books are by Osho (mostly verbatim transcripts of his discourses), and are available from Osho Commune International, 17 Koregaon Park, Pune 411001, MS, India; and from

Source Title of Book
1seed One Seed Makes The Whole Earth Green
absolu The Heartbeat Of The Absolute
ahthis Ah, This!
alchem The New Alchemy To Turn You On
amrav Discourse From Amravati Meditation Camp
art The Art Of Dying
artof Meditation: The Art Of Ecstasy
athing God's Got A Thing About You
believ Believing The Impossible Before Breakfast
belov The Beloved
bestil Be Still And Know
bite Don't Bite My Finger, Look Where I Am Pointing
bodhi Bodhidharma: The Greatest Zen Master
body This Very Body The Buddha
bolt Zen: The Diamond Thunderbolt
bondag From Bondage To Freedom
books Books I Have Loved
celebr I Celebrate Myself, God Is No Where, Life Is Now Here
chit Sat-Chit-Anand
christ Christianity: The Deadliest Poison And Zen: The Antidote To All Poisons
clapp The Sound Of One Hand Clapping
clouds My Way: The Way Of The White Clouds
come Come, Come, Yet Again Come
corner Just Around The Corner
crucif Jesus Crucified Again, This Time In Ronald Reagan's America
cuckoo Zen: The Solitary Bird, Cuckoo Of The Forest
cypres The Cypress In The Courtyard
dance Dance Your Way To God
dang Dang Dang Doko Dang
dark From Darkness To Light
dawn The New Dawn
death Death Is Divine
dekh Dekh Kabira Roya
dh0 The Dhammapada (12 Vols)
diamon The Diamond Sutra
diseas The Buddha Disease
dless From Death To Deathlessness
doctrn The Supreme Doctrine
dogen Dogen, The Zen Master: A Search And A Fulfillment
door The Open Door
early early discourse transcript, unpublished
earthn Earthern Lamps
easy Take It Easy
ecstas Ecstasy--The Forgotten Language
educa Revolution In Education
empti The Buddha: The Emptiness Of The Heart
enligh Beyond Enlightenment
eso The Psychology Of The Esoteric
exist The Anguage Of Existence
false From The False To The Truth
feet Walk Without Feet, Fly Without Wings And Think Without Mind
finger Finger Pointing To The Moon
fire Communism And Zen Fire, Zen Wind
fish The Fish In The Sea Is Not Thirsty
flowrs And The Flowers Showered
foll Come Follow To You
gandhi Where Are The Gandhians?
gate I Am The Gate
gchall The Great Challenge
gdead God Is Dead, Now Zen Is The Only Living Truth
getout Get Out Of Your Own Way
ggate Tao: The Golden Gate
glimps Glimpses Of A Golden Childhood
golden The Golden Future
goose The Goose Is Out
greatn The Great Nothing
greats The Great Secret
greatt The Great Transcendence
guest The Guest
guida Guida Spirituale
gwind The Golden Wind
halle Hallelujah!
hammer Hammer On The Rock
hari Hari-Om-Tat-Sat
harmon The Hidden Harmony
hasiba Hasiba Kheliba Dhariba Dhyanam
heart The Heart Sutra
hidden Hidden Mysteries
hsin Hsin Hsin Ming: The Book Of Nothing
hyaku Hyakujo, The Everest Of Zen
ignor From Ignorance To Innocence
invita The Invitation
inzen Walking In Zen, Sitting In Zen
isan Isan: No Footprints In The Blue Sky
isay I Say Unto You
ithat I Am That
join Won't You Join The Dance?
jokes2 202 Jokes Of Mulla Nasruddin
joshu Joshu: The Lion's Roar
justdo Don't Just Do Something, Sit There
justlt Just Like That
jyun Jyun Tha Thyun
known Dimensions Beyond The Known
krishn Krishna: The Man And His Philosophy
kyozan Kyozan: A True Man Of Zen
last The Last Testament
lead Lead Kindly Light
leap Don't Look Before You Leap
letgo Let Go!
letter 4 Letters To Ma Dharm Jyoti
light Light On The Path
livzen Live Zen
long The Long The Short And The All
losers Only Losers Can Win In This Game
lotus This Very Body The Lotus Paradise
madmen For Madmen Only
mahag Mahagita
mani Om Mani Padme Hum
matzu Ma Tzu: The Empty Mirror
medfre Meditation: The First And Last Freedom
melo The Divine Melody
mess The Messiah
mirac In Search Of The Miraculous
misery From Misery To Enlightenment
mulla Meet Mulla Nasruddin
myhart Beloved Of My Heart
mystic The Path Of The Mystic
names The Ninety-Nine Names Of Nothingness
nansen Nansen: The Point Of Departure
nirvan Nirvana: The Last Nightmare
nobook The No Book
nomind No Mind: The Flowers Of Eternity
nomoon No Water, No Moon
notes Notes From A Madman
now And Now And Here
nowher Nowhere To Go But In
opense The Open Secret
orig The Original Man
parad Zen: The Path Of Paradox
passio The Passion For The Impossible
peren Philosophia Perennis
perf The Perfect Master
person From Personality To Individualtiy
pilgr The Great Pilgrimage: From Here To Here
plan Be Realistic: Plan For A Miracle
plove The Path Of Love
poetry Zen: The Mystery And The Poetry Of The Beyond
ppath The Perennial Path
press Press Conferences
psycho Beyond Psychology
pway The Perfect Way
quant Zen: The Quantum Leap From Mind To No-Mind
quest The Eternal Quest
razor The Razor's Edge
rebel The Rebel
revol The Revolution
rinzai Rinzai: The Master Of The Irrational
roseis A Rose Is A Rose, Is A Rose
sacyes The Sacred Yes
sadhan Sadhana Sutra
sage The True Sage
sale God Is Not For Sale
sands The Wisdom Of The Sands
sannyas Sannyas Magazine
satyam Satyam-Shivam-Sundram
script Scriptures In Silence Sermons In Stones
sdwisd The Seeds Of Wisdom
search The Search
secret The Secret
seeds The Mustard Seed
sermon Serons In Stones
shanti Om Shantih Shantih Shantih
shiva Shiva Sutra (Hindi Translation)
shoe When The Shoe Fits
shore The Further Shore
silent Silent Period
social Beware Of Socialism
socrat Socrates Poisoned Again After 25 Centuries
sos The Secret Of Secrets
source Returning To The Source
spcial Zen: The Special Transmission
spirit The Rebellious Spirit
splend The Hidden Splendor
stars Far Beyond The Stars
sufis Sufi's: The People Of The Path Ii
sunris The Sun Rises In The Evening
sunsun The Sun Behind The Sun Behind The Sun
super From Sex To Superconsciousness
suprem Tantra: The Supreme Understanding
sword The Sword And The Lotus
tahui The Great Zen Master Ta Hui
tao Tao: The Pathless Path
teacup A Cup Of Tea
theolo Theologia Mystica
this This, This, A Thousand Times This
thisis This Is It
thou That Art Thou
thousd Behind A Thousand Names
thunde A Sudden Clash Of Thunder
thunk I'm Not As Thunk As You Drink I Am
thus Thus Spake Mulla Nasruddin
tolose Nothing To Lose But Your Head
tongue The Tongue-Tip Taste Of Tao
trans The Discipline Of Transcendence
transm The Transmission Of The Lamp
treas Tao: The Three Treasures
true The True Name
tunein Turn On, Tune In And Drop The Lot
turnin Turning In
tvis The Tantric Experience
ultal The Ultimate Alchemy
ultima Philosophia Ultima
unconc From Unconsciousness To Consciousness
unio Unio Mystica
until Until You Die
upan The Rajneesh Upanishad
upset Don't Let Yourself Be Upset By The Sutra, Rather Upset The Sutra Yourself
vbt Vigyan Bhairava Tantra
vedant Vedanta: The 7 Steps To Samadhi
wakeup Snap Your Fingers, Slap Your Face And Wake Up!
way The Way Of Tao
whatis What Is, Is, What Ain't, Ain't
whatr What Is Rebellion?
whip The Shadow Of The Whip
wildgs The Wild Geese And The Water
wing A Bird On The Wing
wisdom The Book Of Wisdom
wlotus The White Lotus
wobble Above All, Don't Wobble
yaahoo Yaa-Hoo! The Mystic Rose
yaku Yakusan: Straight To The Point Of Enlightenment
yoga0 Yoga: The Alpha And The Omega
zara Zarathustra: The Laughing Prophet
zenman The Zen Manifesto: Freedom From Oneself
zero The Zero Experience
zzzzz Zen: Zest, Zip, Zap And Zing
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