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I wrote simple comments handling utility in Perl for use on my blog:
You can download the latest version (0.3 "Mathematical Mongoose"). As with pretty much everything I make it's licensed under the BSD license so feel free to play with the source.

Forward Handlers

The following is a couple of simple perl scripts for handling forwarded emails. They should be helpful if your converting from a webmail only email provider. The perl scripts use the BSD license and the bash scripts are public domain.


This script is used to extract a message forwarded as an attachment from an email stored in mh format. (It has been tested with Lycos' old "forward as attachment" feature, which is not available anymore, but it should hopefully work with other forwards)


This script is used to extract an approximation of the original message from a mh message forwarded from a Lycos Webmail account. (With some, perhaps extensive, modification you may be able to get it to work with other types of forwards)

An old version that will work with certain older forwards from lycos, it didn't support all forwards though.

HTML Template Utility (html-templater)

This is a python script to support html templates, which I wrote for the old version of this web page. I've replaced it with Bash Blogger, but you might still find it useful.