PART IX 1985-1986 World Tour

Cyprus overnight

Kulu Manali, India

Litigation against Osho

Osho flies to Kathmandu, Nepal

Osho announces his World Tour

Osho and the Pope

Threats to arrest Osho, who leaves Nepal

Osho visits Crete

Death of the mystic J. Krishnamurti, Osho’s tribute

Development of Osho's work

Osho is arrested and deported

Osho is forced to leave, in Geneva, Sweden, London, Ireland, Spain

American and German governments pressure Spain to refuse Osho’s visa

Osho visits Uruguay, and creates a Mystery School

Experiments in meditation with Hypnosis

A few therapists betray Osho

Osho is arrested and deported

Osho returns to Bombay, and answers questions about his Sannyas Movement

Osho announces his Upanishad

Osho’s Interaction with sannyasins

Persecution continues; Osho leaves Bombay



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